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Japanese Bloodgood Maple #7 5-6’
Japanese Bloodgood Maple #15 6-7’
Japanese Maple Sango Kaku #5 4-5’
Japanese Maple Crimson Queen #7 24-30” spread on head
Japanese Maple Orangeola #5 15-18” spread on head
Japanese Maple Tamukeyama #7 24-30” spread on head
Redbud Forest Pansy #7
Cedar Weeping Alaskan #10 4-5’
Weeping pink Cherry Rosea #7 66” tall
Weeping Pink Cherry Rosea #15 66” tall
Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry #15 66” tall
Crabapple Royal Raindrops Sprout free #7
Pine weeping #10
Lilac Dwarf Korean tree #7


Hinoki Cypress #7
Hinoki Cypress Nana Dwarf #5 High Graft
Cypress Night Light Light #2
Cypress Night Light #5
Cypress Lemon Thread #5
Cypress Soft Serve #5
Burning Bush Little Moses Dwarf #5
Forsythia Gold Tide Dwarf #5
Hydrangea BoBo #5
Hydrangea Little Lime #5
Hydrangea Ruby Slippers Dwarf #5
Juniper Blue Star #2
Spruce Little Gem #5 High Graft
Spruce Bird’s Nest #2
Spruce Bird’s Nest #5
Spruce Dwarf Alberta #5
Spruce Dwarf Alberta #5 30-36” tall
Spruce Globosa low graft B&B 24-30”
Pine Blue Shag low graft #5 15-18” spread
Rhododendron PJM Elite #5
Proud Berry Coral Berry #2
Arborvitae Emerald Green 3 tier #15
Arborvitae Emerald Green #7
Arborvitae Forever Goldy #5
Arborvitae GreenGiant B&B 3-4’tall
Vibernum Winterthur #5
Weigela Sonic Bloom red #2
Weigela Spilled Wind #3
Rose Double Knockout Red and Pink
Rose Knockout Sunny
Rose Drift Peach, Pink, Coral and Red
Boxwood Green Gem
Spirea Dakota Gold Charm #3
Fothergilla Dwarf
Fineline Buckthorn
Lilac Bloomerang
Lilac Dwarf Korean
Butterfly Bush Miss Molly
Butterfly Bush Pugster
Butterfly Bush Blue Chip
Azalea Karen
Holly Blue Prince and Blue Princess #3



Dwarf Fountain
Karl Foerster


Daisy Snow Cap


Pear\ trees Bartlett #3 & #7 $34.99 and $44.99
Pear tree Ayers
Nectarine tree Fantasia
Nectarine tree Chabacano
Cherry trees Summit Sweet
Persimmon tree Fuyu
Crab Apple tree for cross pollination Snow Drift, Prairie Fire, Harvest Gold
Peach tree Alberta Dwarf
Apple tree Mutsu and Semi Dwarf Mutsu
Apple tree Yellow Delicious and Yellow Delicious Semi Dwarf
Apple tree Red Delicious Mansano
Apple tree Yates
Apple tree Gayla
Apple tree Red Rome
Apple tree Fuji
Top Hat Blueberry bush
Elliott Blue Berry bush
Triple Crown Blackberry bush
Niagara Grape vine
Concord Grape vine
Cawtaba Grape vine
Fall Gold Raspberry bush
Nova Raspberry bush
Heritage Raspberry bush
Jewel Raspberry bush
Crimson Red Rhubarb


Looking really nice in 4” pot $2.99:
Basil Pesto Perpetuo
Basil Eleonora
Dill Bouquet
Thyme English
Sage Common Garden Grey
Lemon Balm
Thyme Wooley
Oregano Greek
Fennel Florence
Parsley Curly
Rosemary Madeline Hill
Coriander Cilantro
Lavender Hidcote Blue


Wide selection Bulk and packages:
Potatoes .75 Per #
Yukon Gold
Red Pontiac
Norland Red
Red LaSoda
Onion Sets $1.69 Per #
Large Red
Large White
Large Yellow
Onion Set: Sweet Spanish $3.29 #
Coralbell Sweat Tea
Carex Bowles Golden
Grass Dwarf Fountain Grass
Daisy Snow Cap


Annuals in 4”pots $4.99/ 10 or more $4.50
Annual Cell Packs $2.49/ Flat of 12 $23.99
Pansies & Snapdragons Are Ready
Hanging Baskets $19.99 & Up
Fern Hanging Baskets $19.99


$2.99 2”Terrarium Plants
$11.99 4” Aloe Vera Calf Grown
$49.99 Bird Of Paradise
$ 4.99 Cactus Mix
$39.99 10”Majesty Palm
#39.99 10”Bamboo Palm
$32.99 8”Peace Lilly
$36.99 10”Hibiscus Tree
$22.99 6”Mandavilla with hoop (red,white,pink)
$36.99 10”Large Mandavilla with Trellis (red,white,pink)
$19.99 10” HB (bridal veil, green & white, purple wandering jews)
$24.99 10” Mandavilla HB (red,pink)
$13.99 6” Kimberly Queen Fern
$24.99 10” Kimberly Queen Fern
$5.99 4” Assorted Ferns
$46.99 10” Gardenia on Std.
$7.99 4” Alocasia
$14.99 6” Cordyline Dark Star
$19.99 6” Dipladenia (pink, red, white)


Bush Beans: Blue Lake, Burpee Stringless, Roma II,
Tenderette, Top Crop
Pole Bean: KY Wonder
Runner: White Half
Lima Bush Bean: Burpee Improved, Fordhook 242
Lima Pole Bean: King Of The Garden
Garden Peas: Green Arrow, Sugar Snap, Thomas Laxton, Wando
Sweet Yellow Corn: Bodacious, Incredible, Kandy Korn
Sweet Corn White: Silver King, Silver Queen
Sweet Bi-Color Corn: Ambrosia, Peaches & Cream
Ornamental Corn
Popcorn: Purdue 410
Beet: Detroit Dark Red
Cantaloupe: Hales Best Jumbo
Carrot: Danvers, Imperator
Collards: Georgia Southern
Cucumbers: Burpless, Marketmore, National Pickling, Straight 8
Eggplant: Black Beauty
Kale: Blue Curled Scotch
Lettuce: Bibb, Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch
Oakleaf, Ruby Red, Salad Bowl
Mustard: Southern Giant Curled, Tendergreen
Okra: Clemson Spineless
Parsnip: Hollow Crown
Pumpkin: Big Max, Cushaws Green Striped, Jack Be Little,
Jack O’Lantern, Small Sugar
Radish: Champion, Cherry Belle, China Rose,
Crimson Giant, French Breakfast, White Icicle
Rutabhaga: American Purple Top
Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing
Squash: Black Beauty Zucchini, Straightneck,
Acorn, Spaghetti, Butternut
Swiss Chard: Fordhook Giant
Turnip: Purple Top White Globe
Watermellon: Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby



Mulch bulk brown, black and red. Bagged black and red
Topsoil bulk
River Rock and assortment of other varieties
Pine Straw Bales
Soil potting and garden
Peat Moss bales